Words and music: Robert Luther Smith

Executive Producer: Robert Luther Smith

Recording Studios; Red Bus London; CBS Studios London; Arny's Shack; Room With A View; Zen Studios; Snail Studios

Production; Tony Arnold at arnys-shack.com; Harold Shampan at Filmmusic; Dennis Taylor at RCA; Ellis Elias at Red Bus Studios London; Steve Voice and Peter Yellowstone at Red Bus; Steve Smith at Room With A View, Dorset.

Production engineers; Tony Arnold; Steve Taylor; Steve Smith; Bernie James;

Guitars: Simon Wood; Paul Stacey; Robert Luther Smith; Dedi Madden; Gary Margetts.

Keyboards: Robert Luther Smith; Steve Smith

Bass: Pat Davey, Richard Pearce, Izzy Bekir; John Lee; Dedi Madden.

Drums: Paul Beavis; Jeremey Stacey; Ross Elliot; Steve Simmons; Malcolm Player;

Backing vocals; Jon Dean Foster (on Lord Have Mercy) ; Steve Smith; Robert Luther Smith; vocoder

Photography; Andy Mills at photomills.co.uk; Jack Luther-Smith; Steven Pemberton.

Artwork; Andy Mills @ photomills.co.uk

Film; wheelerpemberton productions

Video; Adrian Green

Music scores; Howard Moody

Orchestra; Bournemouth Symphonietta

other parts played by: Tim Barron; Joanna Moriarty and the Moriartys; Steve French; Richard Mazda; Laura Lambert; Linda French; Linda Bryan; June and Babs Land; Robert Fripp; The Calderwoods; Iggy Harling; Waldemar Januszczak; Bill Clark; John and Adam Liddell; Jan Hart; Sue Millet and Perry Geller; Gay Goldney; Karolina Cichopek; Jim Flynn; Chris Denning; Jolly and Swain; Dave Mullins; Russ French; Dave Mullins; Simon Darlow; Errol Brown; Mickey Most; Ellis Rich; Bob Voice; Lynette and Nick Webb; Jon and Kathy Finney; Dave Robinson and the Bourne Beat Hotel; Tony Letts; Nick and Tim with The Agency; Studland Bay; Carl Chamberlain; alanmacfarlane.com; Vladinni Kurajda; Mike Shepstone; Steve Ennever; Mark Eden; Micky Fudge; Gordon Haskell; Guy Wood; and so it goes on.....